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Coyotes ride first half goals to victory

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune Madera’s Ricardo Lopez battles with the Kerman goalkeeper for possession during Tuesday’s match. Lopez scored a pair of goals in a 4-1 victory.


The Madera Coyotes boys soccer team scored two goals in the opening 10 minutes to upend the Kerman Lions 4-1 in a non-conference matchup at Lee DaSilva field in Memorial stadium.

“Tonight, was really good,” Madera head coach Nic Landeros said. “It’s been a really difficult preseason with our schedule the way it is, with all of the TRAC (Tri-River Athletic Conference) schools, but these guys have been working really hard to progressively get better. The message today was to go in and just get some momentum to carry into league.“

The Coyotes came to life behind two goals each from Ricardo Lopez and Emmanuel Cabello. Their combination of pace and lethality gave Madera the cutting edge needed to discard the Lions.

Madera opened the non-conference match Tuesday with a dream start. Within the first five minutes of the game Lopez caught the Lions sleeping. The Coyotes pace and combination play overwhelmed the Lions right out of the gate.

The Coyotes doubled their lead in the 10th minute after a well-worked combination play opened the Kerman defense.

Cabello received a pass from midfield before he turned upfield and found Lopez at the back post. Lopez monitored his teammate’s run before he worked his way into the box where he easily slotted the ball in.

The rout was on for the Coyotes as Landeros urged his team for more on the sideline.

Although the Coyotes failed to score again the first half, their dominance on the ball wasn’t hard to notice. The Coyotes back line and midfield worked as a unit to keep the Lions at bay.

The Lions had very few chances due to their lack of teamwork. The Coyotes defensive unit worked together all evening, denying the Lions time and time again.

The Coyotes came out of halftime leading 2-0 and continued their strong form. After providing on the Madera’s second goal, Cabello called his own number and secured the Coyotes third goal.

Even after flying down the pitch all night, Cabello still had gas in the tank.

Cabello capped off his impressive night with a dazzling run down the right wing. He picked up the ball in the opponent half before he darted towards the penalty area looking for the dagger.

Cabello left his defender behind then sidestepped the Kerman keeper as he rushed out to meet him. Cabello’s agile move sent the keeper flailing while he punched the ball in for the Coyotes’ goal. The crowd’s cheers from the game-clinching goal quickly turned to astonishment after Cabello showcased his immense pace.

The Lions finally got on the board in the final two minutes with a swerving strike that ended the Coyotes chance for a clean sheet. Although the Coyotes conceded late, the match was effectively over before the halftime whistle blew.


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