Madera auditor delivers special district reports

Charles Doud/The Madera Tribune County Auditor-Controller Todd Miller, appears before the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday.


Madera County Auditor-Controller Todd Miller has presented the Board of Supervisors with what he said were 125 audits of the county’s special districts, the first time in years such audits have been prepared.

The special districts include small agencies that provide water, and in some cases roads and sewers to residents in developments in the county’s unincorporated areas.

In making the presentation Dec. 12, Miller said the supervisors for years haven’t had the information they needed to “make informed and good decisions” about the districts.

For many years, before the turn of this century, the county had subsidized these districts, but the cost became too great. Rates were raised to residents to cover the costs. But without the audits the supervisors have had no way of knowing what the special districts cost to operate or what they are earning in rates and fees.

Miller credited his accounting staff with completing the audits without having to put in overtime.

Also on Dec. 12, the board honored 27 county employees for years of service, from 30 years, to 25 and 20. Many of those honored were introduced, and gave brief remarks on their careers with Madera County.

These employees were: 30 years of service

Melissa Nelson, Administrative Analyst II in Behavioral Health Services.

Mark Clark, Correctional Officer II, Department of Corrections.

Tracy Kennedy Desmond, tax-collector treasurer. 25 years of service

Fred Maciel, correctional sergeant, Department of Corrections

Alicia Melendez, public health education assistant, Health Department.

Tania Say, chief information officer, Department of Information and Technology.

Naomi Saldivar-Wyatt, deputy probation officer supervisor, Probation Department.

Susan Noel, Sheriff’s Office business manager.

Brandy Curran, Social Worker III. 20 years of service

Elizabeth Kosinski, Senior Program Assistant, Behavioral Health Service.

Dennis Kidwell, Building Crafts & Maintenance Worker II.

Bryant Torres, Senior Building Crafts & Maintenance Worker.

Martin Garcia, Jr., Juvenile Detention Officer II.

David Engstrom, Supervising DA Criminal Investigator, District Attorney’s Office.

Laura Berra, Senior Nutrition Assistant, Public Health Department.

Diana Trevino-Turner, Public Health Education Assistant.

Jonathan King, Library Assistant, Madera County Library.

Richard Galindo, Deputy Probation Officer Supervisor.

Gloria Garcia, Deputy Probation Officer Supervisor.

Edward Alvarez, Road Construction and Maintenance Worker II.

Keith Daniels, Special Districts Electrician.

Cecil Hillerman, Road Construction and Maintenance Worker Supervisor.

Randy Rosenfeld, Equipment Operator.

Robert Mollet, Sheriff’s Sergeant.

Mark Schafer, Deputy Sheriff Intermediate.

Michelle Bennett, Employment & Training Worker II.

Maria Chapa, Employment and Training Worker Supervisor.

Monica Maxwell, Administrative Analyst II, Department of Social Services.

Valerie Rutherford, Social Worker III, Department of Social Services.