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No there, there!

Enjoyed your column as usual. Your last paragraph could have added the price $$ for all this fodder, $6-7 million so far....ahh! Paid for by who else? The people. Don’t you just love government (City of Madera — ahh again) ... great story.

Thank you for all you do to make a local news paper possible! You are awesome.

— Terry Bosch,

Madera City priorities worry reader

Thank you for your (huge) part in getting the ball rolling toward alignment of priorities in this fair city! The news that the city manager and other overpaid folks are stepping down or getting the bum’s rush is music to my ears!

I hate to think someone is having a dark cloud over their Christmas but hopefully they’ve been putting something aside instead of buying lavish cars and such. It’s much better than threatening ordinary employees with being let go.

Thanks to you and Mike Pistoresi for exposing this inequity. Thanks to DJ Becker for unrelenting and factual reporting! Power to the People!

— Renée Benoit,


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