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Madera Irrigation District closes water season

The Madera Irrigation District will begin draining down its distribution system today, marking the end of a “remarkable” water season, according to a news release from the district.

The season, which began in January, was the longest running season in over 40 years of the district’s history. It also maintained the lowest water rate, just $25 per acre foot, since 1991. The Fresno River ran continuously for over nine months, providing recharge in the City of Madera in addition to aesthetic and recreational benefits. Operations were able to allot more than a quarter of a million acre feet.

In addition to grower deliveries, the district recharged water in recently rehabilitated recharge basins throughout the District.

“MID was able to maneuver through an astonishing water year that involved managing flood flows, delivering to new turnouts and growers, and a prolonged season. The district is pleased that it was able to provide its landowners with surface water for the majority of the year and at reduced rates,” said district general manager Thomas Greci.

MID will be now enter its maintenance season, repairing, replacing and upgrading facilities in preparation for upcoming operations.

More information on the District is available at MID’s website,

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