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Readers split over Rio Mesa developments

The Madera Tribune received the following comments online about articles and local happenings.

Rio Mesa

News of Madera County developments in the Rio Mesa area — Riverstone, Tesoro Viejo, and Community Regional Medical Center — evoked great interest among divided readers.

  • “Jeanette Ramirez” wrote, “These homes aren’t worth their cost. They are so small inside. Not worth it.”

  • “Lisa Lopez Bennett” wrote, “Well I work and live in Madera now so I will still shop and work in Madera, but I can’t wait to move to my beautiful Lennar home in November! So excited to move into Riverstone!”

  • “Mandy Lewis” wrote, “I’m frustrated that these people aren’t going to drive into Madera to shop and support Madera businesses. They’re going to go down the (State Route) 41 and right into Fresno.”

  • “Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “Should have built on (State Route) 99 and Avenue 17. We were promised a shopping center and Loves truck stop — we have nothing. We may get very very little property tax money (with) all sales tax money going to Fresno. Thanks, good ol’ boys of Madera County.”

  • “Brenda Meeks” wrote, “Juan Torres Jr., let’s buy here!”

  • “Juan Torres Jr.” wrote, “Yea, we should! Looks very nice.”

  • “Lucero López” wrote, “We really need a Yeshiva (Orthodox Jewish School or college) in Central Valley.”

  • “Leslie O’Neill Egan” wrote, “Hope it fails. Miserably. Like we needed a new Clovis, 10 miles from Clovis. And all the while this ‘development,’ which is really just a fancy word for urban sprawl, goes on, those of us who have been here for years are being tormented with their piss poor road ‘improvements,’ influx of traffic, lack of water, and dust bowl-like conditions from building. Again, I hope it fails. This kind of growth is so grotesquely irresponsible. I wonder what fun information on campaign donations would be uncovered if someone were to look. Isn’t one of the builders at Riverstone part of the family that got busted for Operation Rezone in the 90’s?”

  • “Michael Borboa” wrote, “Who loses if this fails? All of the people who moved there? I hope you fail.”

  • “Rick Bennett” wrote, “How would it fail? Stupid comment!”

  • “Jill Kuhn Satterfield” wrote, “I agree, Leslie O’Neill Egan. Can’t even imagine what traffic will be like. Water? That is another issue. Since you are one of the families that will be impacted by this, I understand your anger.”

Rants and raves

  • Rant — A meeting by members of the Madera Housing Authority Commission and Madera Opportunities for Resident Enrichment and Service recently discussed area housing issues. “Alex Salazar” wrote, “Interesting. The Madera Association of Realtors was not invited or involved in discussing the numerous housing issues in the community. The Madera Association of Realtors have access to numerous grants and other resources that can help the city resolve some of the issues. — Alex Salazar, 2018 President Elect of the Madera Association of Realtors”

  • Rant — Calls by a Democratic congresswoman for House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, to “pass the torch” prompted “Janis Brown” to quip, “Pass the torch to who? From the pan into the fire?”

  • Rave — Chuck Doud’s column about a “Buick-sized cat” visiting led “Dawn Swinton” to write, “This is great! Should you ever need to let this god go, Chuck, please know that I will take that cat in an instant.”

  • Rave — “Robert Garcia” wrote, “Every year our family gets together to throw out the biggest Halloween props for our home. So … please visit here in the heart of Madera at 824 Claremont Drive and you be the judge.”

  • Rave — “Paul Halajian Architects” wrote about the proposed Madera arts center project, “Downtown Madera is on its way, thanks to The Madera Tribune, Madera County Arts Council and Circle Gallery, Madera Unified School District, City of Madera, County of Madera, and the Madera community for being an engaged, interactive audience during this design process. Your enthusiasm for your city is contagious, and we can’t wait to see this vision come to life!”

  • Rave — The Tribune’s Facebook page echoed a question posed by the New York Times, where can you park a tiny home? “Liz Rocha-Carmona” commented, “I have property to rent out.”

  • Rave — News of recent geek pop culture convention Ohana Comic Con prompted “Mike Jian” to write, “Interesting. Comic con in Madera?”


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