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Years ago in Madera for the first week of October

Madera County Historical Society

Nick Pavlovich ended his tenure as Madera’s City Manager 25 years ago. He had held the position for seven years. Pavlovich survived attempts by two members of the City Council to fire him but finally decided that it was time to move on.


25 Years Ago Week of Oct. 1, 1992

PAVLOVICH RESIGNS AS CITY MANAGER — Amid controversy over the Municipal Golf Course, Madera City Manager Nick Pavlovich announced his resignation during the City Council meeting Monday night. The resignation takes effect on April 2, 1993, but he will leave office on December 31, 1992. Between those dates Pavlovich will be on a paid leave of absence. The vote on Pavlovich’s resignation was unanimous, but Mayor William Weber expressed remorse when he announced the action. “Thank you, Nick, I’m sorry,” he said. Pavlovich commented, “I will leave my office with a very deep feeling of pride and accomplishment.”

SCHOOL SECURITY GUARD SENTENCED TO SIX YEARS — A 30-year-old former security guard at Thomas Jefferson Junior High School convicted of five counts of lewd conduct with a minor in two different cases last summer was slapped with a six year prison term Wednesday. Defense attorney Linda Thompson failed to convince a jury in June that one TJ student victim of unlawful sexual intercourse had a jealous crush on the former guard and was trying to ruin him with the allegations. The defendant had entered a conditional plea bargain but attempted to back out of it. Superior Court Judge Paul Martin denied the motion and set the maximum sentence for the crime.

COYOTES MINUS MURPHY FOR FRIDAY’S GAME — Madera will be out to end a five-year losing skid against rival Clovis Friday night, but the Coyotes will have to do it without one of its key players. Mike Murphy, Madera’s starting fullback, will not be in uniform when his team travels to Lamonica Stadium to meet the Cougars. According to Madera Coach Andy Beakes, Murphy was hospitalized Tuesday night with what was thought to be internal bleeding. According to Beakes, Murphy “took a helmet to the back a couple of weeks ago.” Murphy was the workhorse for the Madera offense. “It is real discouraging,” Beakes said.

CEMETERY DEDICATED AS HISTORICAL SITE — The Borden Chinese Cemetery was named an official Madera County Historic site during ceremonies Saturday, which also featured the unveiling of the new Monroe Elementary School’s Madera Method book, “Forgotten Field, Forgotten People.” Frank Tuck, Dean of the Chinese community in Fresno, performed a Chung Young ceremony honoring the Chinese pioneers who are buried in the cemetery on Avenue 12 and Road 28 1/4. Also participating in the ceremony was Kuen Woo of Madera who placed flowers on the tombstones. California Secretary of State March Fong Eu was a special guest at the ceremony.

MADERA LOSES IN BATTLE FOR NEW UC LOCATION — The UC Site Selection Task Force, following its meeting Monday, recommended that only the Academy site in Fresno and Lake Yosemite site in Merced County be advanced for further consideration in the search for a home for the next UC campus. The move puts Madera County out of the running. “I’m definitely disappointed, but it comes as no surprise since we didn’t have a site,” said Sally Frazier, Madera County UC Task Force co-chairman. Tim Hayes, Frazier’s co-chair, shared her disappointment but took heart in the fact that the SSTF is still looking at the San Joaquin Valley. “Thirty or forty miles one way or the other won’t make that much difference,” said Hayes.

50 Years Ago Week of Oct. 1, 1967

KARL’S SHOE STORE OPENS LOCAL OUTLET — Karl’s, the West’s largest chain of family shoe stores, celebrates the grand opening today of a new store in the Bethard Shopping Center. Sal Alvarez will be in charge of the local store. Harry Karl now directs over 300 outlets coast-to-coast. Besides his executive duties, Karl finds time and personal enthusiasm for a variety of charitable activities. Both he and his wife, actress Debbie Reynolds, are contributors to hospitals, foundations, homes for the aged, and orphanages. Sixty years of retailing experience go into this latest operation.

REAGAN DEFENDS USE OF INMATES TO HARVEST CROPS — Gov. Ronald Reagan flew to the San Joaquin Valley Wednesday night to defend his use of state prisoners to harvest crops. “This administration is determined to do all it can do to get the crops harvested,” he said. “Prison labor is not the answer—we don’t need Cesar Chavez to tell us that,” insisted the Governor. “But Chavez and Labor Secretary Willard Wirtz have been unable to provide the labor the farmers need. “You show me one farmer who would rather see the crops rot and then go out and look for people to harvest them,” Reagan challenged opponents who say that farmers have not looked hard enough for labor.

CORNET STORE CELEBRATES ITS GRAND OPENING — The new Bethard Square Shopping Center is holding another grand opening, this time for the Cornet Store. The festivities will continue through the weekend. Manager Cal Shepherd stated, “Cornet is proud to be part of this fine community and we have looked forward to this new store for some time.” The store contains 15,000 square feet and features a complete variety from toys to yardage including furniture, hardware, auto supplies, and lamps. Cornet Stores was founded in 1923 by Joe and Gladys Cornet. Today it has 145 stores in 11 Western states.

WILL ROGERS JR. TO TOUR MADERA EMPLOYMENT CENTER — Will Rogers Jr., son of humorist Will Rogers and grandson of Cherokee leader Clem Van Rogers, will visit Madera next Wednesday to tour the Madera Employment Training Center for Indians. He is scheduled to arrive at the center about 10 a.m. at which time he will be welcomed by Madera Mayor D.R. Stephenson. Rogers was appointed as special assistant to Indian Commissioner Robert L. Bennett by Stuart Udall, secretary of the Interior. Rogers, 55, is a graduate of Stanford University and has been a Congressman, newspaper publisher, Army officer, motion picture actor, television commentator, and state parks commissioner.

AOKI REBUILDS; RIPPERDAN BOUNCES BACK — Influenced by the encouragement of friends and community customers, Mits Aoki, owner of the Family Food Center in Ripperdan is back in business. The store is one of 10 buildings destroyed in the July fire. Aoki said Thursday, “Business has been coming around. We have a lot of old customers plus some new ones.” The Family Food Center is the first of the destroyed businesses to reopen, offering customers a place in which to buy food, clothing, and hardware. The $220,000 fire was a stunning blow to the small agricultural community, which most people look on as part of Madera.

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