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City stirs the pot on marijuana

The Madera Tribune received the following comments online about articles and local happenings.


Madera Police Lt. Gino Chiaramonte reported on recent visits with several Colorado cities who ban and allow marijuana during the Madera City Council’s final workshop on cannabis in California cities. City Councilman Will Oliver asked for public feedback online.

  • “Bobby Sheikh” wrote, “For!”

  • “Steve Salter” wrote, “Against!”

  • “Wally Nishimoto” wrote, “It is now legal in the state. Even if the city council doesn’t allow sales or cultivation it will exist within the city. The police will not seek conviction for marijuana as it will be legal. If the city creates conditions and restrictions on the sale and cultivation for legal use they would have at least some small control. Tax revenue will also be involved. A fair tax will increase revenue for both the city and the county. I am against the usage but you need to adjust to legal changes.”

  • “Ramon Lopez” wrote in part, “When people think about money, they are in favor. When people consider the damage this drug and all entry drugs cause to children, they think it twice. Consider, that many people, believe that legal things are good and moral. … Money is tempting, and the city needs the money, but the cost our youth will pay is huge. Say no to marijuana. If you are leaning yes because Democrats like it, please consider all children first.”

  • “Councilman Will Oliver” replied in part, “What would your position be if we only allowed the manufacturing/cultivation of it due to the jobs, capital investment and sales tax generation, but not the retail component of it (where it could be purchased in town). Therefore, let’s say, it’s produced here but consumed elsewhere? (We’ll add assumptions that it would be in a secure indoor facility away from schools.)”

  • “Ramon Lopez” responded in part, “I just want all decision makers to understand that this marijuana ‘business’ is making my job as a parent more difficult. … When our children know that their parents’ jobs are cultivating and manufacturing this drug, and the city is making money on it, they will believe that consuming this drug is acceptable and we, the parents, will lose all moral authority to persuade them to stay away from this drug. I also know that if Madera does not enter into this ‘business’ others will do it, and we will not get the taxes, but I still do not want my city and my community to be part of the problem that most likely will damage our youth.”

  • “Cassie Rogers” wrote in part, “In my opinion, it’s better to regulate and profit on something that is happening slowly but surely, than to continue to only let the black or dark markets profit. Also look into the ‘Good To Know’ campaigns that help facilitate marijuana use education in your communities.”

  • “Stella Moosios” wrote, “Let them get it in Fresno. We get everything else there. Medical marijuana is also in pill form for those that try to justify it for medical reasons.”

  • “Kathleen Chippi” wrote, “Would people love to know that self proclaimed ‘progressive’, ‘green’ or ‘environmentally friendly’ cities like Boulder, Colo., have banned outdoor cannabis gardening in agricultural zoned land? Banned green house grows? Unlawfully limited people’s constitutional protections? Unconstitutionally limited home growers to six plants even when they live on acres and have two constitutional amendments that say otherwise — one being 17 years old? Allowed for the government to interfere with their doctor/patient relationships/privacy? Turned a blind eye to the sales of mold and pesticide ridden product (yes to patients also)? That Jan 1, 2018, (in CO) government is about to embark on UNWARRANTED house searches (re-branded as compliance checks) over their unconstitutional limitations in plant counts? That private property rights, when it comes to cannabis, no longer prevail? That the 4th and 5th Amendments to the U.S. constitution are void in ‘legal’ states? Who in their right mind would want to ‘legalize’ if the truth be told?”

On DJ Becker’s article on homelessness

  • “Renee” wrote, “Thank you, DJ! Excellent article that states many of the issues. I know you could write pages about this issue. I said what I said because I believe that the homeless issue, no matter what we do, is not going to go away completely and I was trying to think of ideas to mitigate the impact that so many homeless people have on the area. If we get the same rains as we did last winter the homeless people will be forced from the riverbank. Where will they go? And then, who speaks for the homeless? Everyone’s voice should be heard, and then listened to, and acted upon! So many people are speaking out and things are being done — for which we are grateful — but much more needs to be done.”

Lady Coyotes

Recent attention to Brisa Meza of Madera Coyotes football drew reader response.

  • “Rick Bennett” wrote, “Why didn’t they let her kick all of the extra points against Merced?”

  • “Kelly Gentry” wrote, “She’s a welder!”

Rants and raves

  • Rave — Madera County Supervisor Rob Poythress recently announced his candidacy for the 12th Senate District. “Geri St Lucia” wrote, “Can’t think of a better person for the job!”


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