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Readers recall meeting First Lady

Madera County Historical Society

First Lady Barbara Bush was in Santa Barbara and saw the national champion pep and cheer squad from Madera High School performing 25 years ago. With her are Selina Brice, Heidi Seibert, Marisa Treach, Jenny Powell, and Allison Richardson.


The Madera Tribune collected the following comments online about articles and local happenings.

Barbara Bush

In 1992, members of Madera High School’s national champion pep and cheer squad met First Lady Barbara Bush while they were at cheer camp.

  • “Julie Traina Apichino” wrote, “Twenty-five years ago! I forgot about that!”

  • “Mary Jaklevick” wrote, “Bill Coate! Love it!”

  • “Marissa Bower” wrote, “Jenny Powell! OMG! I remember Ali and I got to her hotel door before Secret Service (agents) grabbed us! That was so much fun!”

  • “Lisa Arellanes Gill” wrote, “What a cool memory!”

  • “Selena Brice Dent” wrote, “Wow! That’s a very long time ago! I remember it well! She was staying at the same hotel as us! We tried so hard to sneak up to her floor but the Secret Service was NOT having it.”

Drunk driving

A letter about this month’s start of a drunk driver’s trial for the 2015 deaths of Vanessa Tapetillo and her fiancee Juan Barragan moved some readers.

  • “Kym Smith Salter” wrote, “Far too long for justice!”

  • “Rodonna Lynn Betts” wrote, “The wheels of justice move slowly and sometimes inconsistently. Then, there’s always the ‘deals’ that are made, that don’t always serve justice. I am very disappointed in our judicial system and feel that there is much to be ‘fixed’.”

Water systems

Valley Public Radio reported on how Valley Teen Ranch and Liberty High School, struggling with water issues, were to be connected to the Madera Ranchos water system as part of a $6.6-million state-funded consolidation project — once the state approves it.

  • “Dale Drozen” wrote, “Why are two water systems with no drinking water being hooked up to the Ranchos systems already on water rations?”

  • “Brad McDonald” wrote, “Did the rate payers vote on bringing Liberty and Valley Teen Ranch into their (water) district? Nope. Another back door deal that some attorney will love to get their hands on.”

Speedy rail

A report by a nonprofit think tank, SPUR, argued that state and local officials in the San Joaquin Valley need to invest in public transit and denser development if they want to benefit from the high-speed railroad.

  • “Gary Hall” wrote, “Modesto and Merced should focus on the Altamont Pass train.”

  • “Richard Torres” wrote, “High-speed rail will never get done. Already it is broke and the cost of it continues to rise. There is no competent oversight by anyone in California to see this project through.”

Rants and raves

  • Rant — A video released by Madera police shows two suspects robbing El Amigo Market around 9:30 a.m. Sept. 7. “Edward L. Rose” wrote, “You’re on camera, dummies.”

  • Rant — “April Molina” wrote in response to a letter to the editor on Madera’s homeless, “There is a meeting on Sept. 30 at 9 a.m. at the (Madera Municipal) Golf Course. This meeting is an ‘intergovernmental’ meeting and will have the county supervisors, the city council, mayor Medellin, and the supervisors from Chowchilla. This meeting will focus on the homeless encampments and they are looking for public input. Please, please show up!”

  • Rant — Madera County’s district attorney’s office is seeking help to fight against a Yosemite Lakes Park arsonist getting paroled. “Sergio Moreno” wrote, “Maybe Mr. Linn could take time to expand on his comments on why he thinks both defendants were not prosecuted in an appropriate manner, and more importantly what penal code sections he and his office would have charged to get the convictions he is talking about?”

  • Rave — “Bobby Kahn” wrote, “Sad to read of the passing of Kenny Evans, three-sport athlete at Madera High, hard worker — good all around guy and friend.”

  • Rave — “Rich Mostert” wrote, “Rob Poythress is an absolutely fantastic choice for the Senate! For over 30 years I’ve watched him work tirelessly on behalf of his constituents. He is an honest and ethical professional who will represent the Valley superbly.”


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