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Letter: Becoming citizens just a ‘dream?’

How many “Dreamers” (DACA program) have initiated becoming citizens? Not their fault that they were brought here illegally at a young age, but what are they doing, what have they done to follow the laws of our land? Why have we not heard about their efforts to make right their status?

In this day and time, it seems that too many people here illegally are here for the free benefits, instead of wanting the opportunity to work for a better life, and for the benefit of our country. I say this based on how much money our country is reportedly spending for people here illegally.

Who really knows the true story? How is it known that there are 11 million illegals here? Maybe more, maybe less. The issue is not the number, but that breaking our laws continues to be allowed and encouraged.

What I know to be true is that countries have a God-ordained right to have laws and to demand the laws be followed.

I do not understand why it is being said that we need immigration reform. What we need is for our laws to be enforced. At this point though, because our laws have not been enforced, and our lawmakers must come up with a solution for the Dreamers. This is the consequence of our laws not being enforced. Shame on us, but shame on the illegals also. Both sides have and are exploiting each other. Comes a point that it doesn’t matter where it started, but it needs to stop.

I am for legal residency, but not citizenship. They must go through the process. They may not receive any public assistance, they must be able to support themselves.

Everyone’s need is for food, clothing, and shelter, not big screen TV’s, smartphones, computers, etc., which is a privilege to have by working. If they commit a crime, there would be no mercy, rather immediate deportation. They are old enough to know right from wrong. No one’s life is easy. Unfortunately, Americans are not the best example to follow, wanting and buying what they can’t afford.

We all suffer for it, but I do draw the line with adding the irresponsibility of illegals.

Just because no one is without sin does not mean we are supposed to overlook sin. Overlooking sin does harm to the sinner, our nation, and the whole world. True compassion is pointing out each other’s sin and helping each other turn from sin. Only God can judge the heart, but man can judge actions that must be tempered with care, but not necessarily easy care. Very few people change without learning the hard way. Those who don’t want to change, oh well. It is a sin to condone the sin of those who want to continue in sin.

No man can fix the chaos of our nation and world. Thank God for Jesus! Thank God that Jesus will be returning to rule and reign in which righteousness will dwell! All is falling in place.

Pray for God to grant repentance to unbelievers, and for the gift of faith, so they may repent and be saved. There is life after death that is more important to consider.

— Katherine Atilano, Madera


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