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Readers react to claims of school employee misconduct

The Madera Tribune met the following comments online about articles and local happenings.

Alleged misconduct

News of possible misconduct by a Madera Unified School District employee with a student prompted comments. Multiple video monologues about the situation were posted online this week by the mother of the student. The first of these videos was re-posted for a day on the Tribune’s Facebook page.

  • “Candace Marie Brown” wrote, “I’m so glad I have boys.”

  • “Melissa Porter” replied, “Word, friend! Scary.”

  • “Taj Harris” wrote, “Why wouldn’t he be fired immediately? SMH”

  • “Francine Mejia” wrote, “What a pervert. This is completely unacceptable and this type of behavior should not be tolerated by Madera Unified. He should be immediately fired from his job. If he has attempted to do it once, he probably has a history of harassing young girls. This poor mother, my heart goes out to her and her child.”

  • “Lisa Garza” wrote, “Oh my gosh! He was definitely grooming her!”

  • “Hector Uribe” wrote, “Kids are too young to have a phone even mind.”

  • “Dolores Rabbon” wrote, “50/50 blame.”

  • “Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “He should be gone. Thank God this mother was smart and found proof. There is no room for someone like that with our kids! Stand up, Madera.”

  • “Lisa Killion” wrote, “Madera Tribune, I am deeply saddened and disgusted that you chose to share the mother’s live (video) feed of (the situation with) the MHS student. This is in poor taste and poor journalism. There was no reason to share her post.”

Rev. Catalano

The birthday of Rev. James Catalano, a longtime priest of St. Joachim Catholic Church, Wednesday elicited much well wishing by Tribune readers. Below are a few samples.

  • “Dawn Swinton” wrote, “Father James, you are an example for all others to look up to. Thank you for performing the graveside service of my brother, Dale. It was so hard for me to feel my brother’s passing, but your funeral service left me with a sense of peace. Thank you for practicing your beliefs. I’m never unafraid to hear your opinion because I know that you are speaking with the Spirit in your heart. My love is with you.”

  • “Veronica Becerra” wrote, “Happy birthday, Father James! May God fill you with lots of blessings.”

  • “Andy Medellin” wrote, “Happy birthday, Father James! May God bless you.”

  • “Vincent Gutierrez” wrote, “Happy birthday and many more to come. Have a nice day today.”

Railroad Fire

Readers reacted to news of the growth of the Railroad Fire near Yosemite National Park, and the evacuation of Sugar Pine, Fish Camp, and Tenaya Lodge on Tuesday, Aug. 29.

  • “David Barr” wrote, “Praying for firefighters, residents, Christian Camp, all evacuees.”

  • “Arielle Rodriguez” wrote, “Save Sugar Pine!”

Rants and raves

  • Rant — CalViva Health and Kaiser Permanente recently announced they were unable to reach an agreement on providing Medi-Cal coverage, which leaves 9,000 Kaiser patients in Madera County and elsewhere looking for new health coverage as of Friday. “April Molina” wrote, “Kaiser sucks anyway.”

  • Rave — “Cheryl Boberg Cagle” appreciated an “Editor’s Corner” column by Chuck Doud about the death of his cat. She wrote, “Thank you Chuck for your story. We’ll be experiencing this soon for our 18 year old cat. I keep putting off the inevitable but reading your experience is helping me come to the conclusion I need to do it sooner than later!”

  • Rave — “Shivani Jaspal” shared a Tribune article about Kahal Farms, which is making almond butter. He wrote, “Congrats, Amy (Amandeep Kahal). Hoping to see Better Butter in stores in India as well.”

  • Rave — “California Health Sciences University — CHSU” commented on the Lifetime Achievement Award given to Dr. Mohammad Ashraf. “CHSU” wrote, “Congratulations, Dr Ashraf! You are very deserving of this recognition, we appreciate all you do to support CHSU and help those that are medically underserved in our community!”


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