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Increases in water rates hard to bear

First let me say how awesome it was that the Madera Association of Realtors won that $25,000 grant and presented $5,000 to five educators towards the purchase of a home in Madera Ranchos, Chowchilla, or Madera. Congratulations.

Now, I don’t know about Madera Ranchos or Chowchilla, but if you decide to buy your home in the city of Madera that $5,000 will come in handy when it’s time to pay your city utilities bill. According to the City of Madera, this is only the third in a series of five rate increases.

Let’s break it down a little bit. Not using any water AT ALL will cost you the $20.74 flat rate. That rate will increase to $23.51 in the year 2020. Now add in the tier water rate.

  • Tier 1 = 1 to 1,000 cubic feet (cf) $1.63 (in 2020 will be $1.93).

  • Tier 2 = 1001-3300cf $2.25 (in 2020 will be $2.60).

  • Tier 3 = 3301+cf $3.69 (in 2020 will be $4.22).

(You can get a better breakdown on their website.)

Now add in residential sewer flat rate, $35.33 and in 2020 that will go up to $42.75. Then you have drainage, refuge, and street sweeping fees.

I’ve been gardening (not only for myself but for others to enjoy) for 22 years and have given a lot of plants to others who share my passion. But now I don’t even go outside because it makes me sick to see everything dry and dead because I can’t pay the outrageous water rates.

Maybe the City Council will win a grant for water conservation and lower our water rates to something EVERYONE can afford (?)

— Donna Eddings, Madera


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