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Readers thrilled with lifetime achievers

The Madera Tribune received the following comments online about articles and local happenings.

Perlongo’s Bakery

Readers were pleased to hear that the Madera Chamber of Commerce had chosen to honor the late Salvatore Perlongo with a lifetime achievement award.

  • “Dawn Swinton” wrote, “The Perlongos are a Maderan institution. The classic example of different cultures combining to make a wonderful community. My friend, Angie, would take me to Uncle Sal’s bakery for the kind of pizza slices never repeated by any establishment! If you are a long-term Maderan, you knew and loved Sal’s Bakery.”

  • “Tami Tamberi Martin” wrote, “So many great memories of going to his bakery with my mom. Then later my mom taking my boys for the pizza.”

  • “Patrick S. McGee” asked, “Where was this bakery?”

  • “Justina Franco” replied, “Was at Thrifty shopping center by the Mayfair grocery store — Bethard Square in Madera. ... Great story thanks for sharing, always loved going to the bakery; Cheese pockets were my favorite.”

  • “Ortie Mata-Kline” wrote, “Aww, I was fortunate to have worked with him and his family! Mary Perlongo is still the best. As I was remembering, Mr. Perlongo would cook tri-tip in his oven and serve it to us on his small rolls. Oh so yummy bomb, we surely can’t forget his famous pizza, beerrocks and most delicious pastries.”

  • “Vivian Young” wrote, “Great job, Tami Jo Nix. We couldn’t have said it any better! Thanks for not including the blubbering. Ha ha.”

Dr. Ashraf

Readers were happy to learn that the Madera Chamber of Commerce had chosen Dr. Mohammad Ashraf for a lifetime achievement award.

  • “Victoria Gonzales” wrote, “He is an awesome doctor. I have had the privilege to work with him and he is everything I believe a doctor should be. Thank you, Dr. Ashraf, for your ongoing services to the community we live in.”

  • “Patrick S. McGee” wrote, “He was my doctor at one time. I had his kids in class. Great kids.”

  • “Elodia Ruiz” wrote, “Wow, I never knew how giving he was and still is. God bless you, Dr. Ashraf!”

  • “Gloria Buentello Evangelista” replied, “He is! When I worked at the hospital, he was always so positive and treated everyone with respect. He was also hilarious! He always had us laughing.”

  • “Linda Jantzen” wrote, “I read this article this morning. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award than Dr Ashraf. He has treated W.H. Jantzen, Wm R. Jantzen, and Larry Jantzen since the beginning of his practice. We love this man and his family. God bless Dr Ashraf. Larry and Linda Jantzen”

County supes

Tribune readers took interest in the doings of the Madera County supervisors at a regular meeting, including approving an agreement with Airbnb and honoring local Stephen Serrano for qualifying and participating in the Boston Marathon.

  • “Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “Where is the business they’re supposed to bring in? Loves truck stop, etc. instead of the CAO getting a raise bring in business. (It) costs too much in Madera County, so they go to Merced, Tulare, Visalia and Fresno. We are doomed. Madera County will get nowhere with a good old boys of Madera County taking care of us. How sad can that be?”

  • “Ramona Irene Frances” replied, “We are NOT doomed in Madera — my hometown. It might require optimism, creativity and business sense to build business but we have that, residents of Madera have that and resources are available. Thumbs up!”

  • “Sarah Stutler Machado” replied, “Give them time and it will come! I have complete trust in Robert Poythress and Brett Frazier. I don’t personally know the other supervisors but I do respect the two who I just mentioned. Both of these men truly want Madera County to be successful.”

  • “Billie Martin” wrote, “This is my grandson, who ran the Boston Marathon, being recognized by county supervisors. He’s Stephen and belongs to Randy and Cathy!”

  • “Cathy Martin” wrote, “Way to go, son!”

Rants and raves

  • Rant — “Eddie Rincon” disagreed with a Tribune reader who blamed the homeless for the odor behind a Madera store. He wrote, “The smell behind Lowes has been there long before them. It’s the pond back there.”

  • Rant — A letter to the editor on Madera County roads in disrepair prompted “Geri St Lucia” to write, “Our county roads are a disgrace,” and “April Molina” agreed, “That’s the truth!”

  • Rave — “Diana Falberg” commented on an article about corn nut grower Kole Upton of Lost Wagon Wheel Ranch. She wrote, “Great article on your dad. All true. He is a very hardworking special man with a wonderful sense of humor. His values are an example to all who know him.”

  • Rave — “Rachel Gonzalez Bissett” liked an article on a recent water polo clinic led by Greg Enloe, a former Team USA water polo player, and Rita Kesthelyi, the Hungarian national team captain in water polo. “What a great article. I love hearing of others who like to work with students to help them improve and better themselves!”

  • Rave — “Alison Lindsey Neuner” shared a Tribune “article featuring three of my former students! Way to go, (college graduates) Miranda Brunner, Kat Grow and Kelsee Montagna! You girls are doing amazing things!” She received a reply from Brunner, “Couldn’t have done it without you!”


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