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Readers praise past local educators

The Madera Tribune met the following comments online about articles and local happenings.

Jack Netherton

Locals continued to praise the late educator Jack Netherton.

  • “Steve Imrie” wrote, “Mr. Netherton mentored me also, great man who held others to the same standards he held for himself. His leadership is still missed!”

  • “Janet Gazaway Morgan” wrote, “Jack was my 6th grade teacher at James Madison (School). He used to call me peanut because I was so small.”

  • “Anne Lozano” wrote, “Mr. Netherton! Great man!”

  • “Angela Adams Garcia” wrote, “Mr. Lemon! He loved lemons! The principles would meet at Carl’s Jr. and the workers knew to put out extra lemons because he would eat them all!”

  • “Cynthia Armiento” wrote, “I went to James Madison elementary and ran in the Madison relays now known as the Rotary/Netherton relays. Mr. Netherton bought our whole relay team shoes for races.”

  • “Rosie Rosie” wrote, “A school needs to be named after him. Hopefully one day. He definitely deserves it.”

  • “Jesse Lomeli Jr.” wrote, “I so remember this man as my principal and my track coach at James Madison School. I was in Mr Beckham’s and Miss Foley’s class back in 1976. I saw Mr. Netherton at Save Mart store in 1992 and kept talking to my niece about how me and another runner (Mario Delpino) broke records in track that year. (That) made me wonder if those records were still there? LOL. Jack was a very awesome man.”

  • “Rodonna Lynn Betts” wrote, “He was the best administrator I worked with in my 29 years at MUSD! He hired quality people and held them to high standards. He cared about his staff, students, and parents. He was a true leader! Hoping that someday a school is named after this amazing man! They don’t make them like him anymore!”

Torres School

Readers of Bill Coate’s school board article commented on the name chosen for the newest high school.

  • “Mona Heredia-Flores” wrote, “Love and miss my aunt.”

  • “Sally Kurtz” wrote, “Well who is she? They renamed our high school?”

  • “Linda Parkhurst” wrote, “They are naming the new high school after her. It will be on 26 and Ellis area. I knew Matilda very well. (She) did a lot for the students.”

  • “Rodriguez Jamie Marie” wrote, “She was my boyfriend’s counselor in high school.”

  • “Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “Fantastic. We are so happy. She deserves it. God bless.”

  • “Steve Torres” wrote, “Thank you The Madera Tribune. It is a blessing to be able to honor my mother this way with the community and all our supporters. We are blessed and grateful. Thank you to Board of Education for making this a reality.

  • “Flo Chartier” wrote, “Proud of the board’s decision. Congratulations to the Torres (family).”

  • “Lupe Rodriguez Lopez” wrote, “I am very happy that the (planned Madera) high school is being named after Matilda (Torres). She was a lovely lady. She was my daughter’s counselor and always gave her good advice. My daughter is now a teacher. Hello Steven (Torres), I was your kindergarten teacher.”

City council

  • “JD Jass” wrote of the Madera City Council lifting watering restrictions “only to raise water rates 30 cents a tier as of July 1. Ridiculous rates for what reason? Someone needs to look into where all that money goes.”

  • “Veronica Diaz” wrote, “What’s the point I still can’t have my lawn green because my water bill is ridiculous. My bill will be higher than what it already is.”

  • “Manuel Rodriguez” wrote, “I pay the same amount as everyone else and I can’t even water my grass. This sucks. They should lower my rates.”

Gamboa surgery

News that former Madera Coyote Alec Gamboa is recovering from surgery spurred “Yvonne Solis-John Arellano” to write, “Sending prayers for a speedy recovery!”

“Lisa Sepulveda Morales” wrote, “Best of luck!”

Rants and raves

  • Rant — “Toni C Gonzales” commented on news that locals are getting scam telephone calls from callers impersonating the Madera Police Department. She wrote, “We get customer’s calling about similar things like this. It’s crazy.”

  • Rave — “Shae Hutch” commented about National Night Out Connect, “My favorite, Highway Patrol!”

  • Rave — In response to the Heart of California Quilters’ Guild announcing its show winners, “Barbara Russell” wrote, “Fabulous,” and “Renee Pistoresi” wrote, “Congratulations to all!”

  • Rave — “Jim Curry” quipped “Book him, Dano!” after reading how Chowchilla police put an alleged armed robber, 32-year-old Norman Rojas of Merced, in Madera County jail with the help of Merced County law enforcement and Facebook users.

  • Rave — “Timothy Riche” enjoyed a letter to the editor about a tattered flag over city hall that was quickly replaced by staff when notified of its poor shape. He wrote, “Great letter #MaderaProud


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