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Letter: Thanks to Bill Coate from Matilda Torres’ daughter-in-law

I am Matilda Torres’ daughter-in-law. I wanted to send this message to Bill Coate for his great write-ups, especially for capturing and detailing the July 25 Board of Education vote in naming the new high school.

I appreciate his attention to details, especially when it comes to stories like this one, which resulted in a ground-breaking event making Madera the first city in the San Joaquin Valley to honor a Latina in naming a high school after her.

It’s a big deal, and I appreciated how he was able to describe the story in detail, showing to all the readers, that not every decision is an easy for the board of education. They have to make many tough decisions such as this one in the best interests of the students in Madera and the community.

We appreciate their hard work, and their ability to come together as a group, and agree in favor of Matilda Torres High School.

We are eternally grateful, as we are with Mr. Coate’s work for The Madera Tribune and distributing accurate news. There is nothing worse than reading stories with inaccurate information. Thank you.

— Pada Vang-Torres, Daughter-in-law of Matilda Torres


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