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Readers eager for artisan pizza, jobs

The Madera Tribune met the following comments online about articles and local happenings.

Pizza parlor

Plans by Dustin and Traci Franklin to open an artisan pizza parlor, “The Tap House,” were shared widely online and sparked response. Below are samples.

  • “Ami Lin” wrote, “Where can I apply for a job (there) at?” (Resumes can be emailed to

  • “Juerita Perez” wrote, “Me too. (I) want to know where to apply please. I have experience. Please (I) need this job so bad.”

  • “Timothy Riche” wrote, “Funny. I’m an artisan pizza eater.”

  • “Joseph Carrello” replied, “How unique! I too, am an artisan pizza eater.”

  • “Diane Rutschow” wrote, “Good luck! We’ll see you later!”

  • “Jessica Choy McVay” mentioned a friend’s name and wrote, “A new place to check out perhaps?”

  • “Abram Villafan” mentioned a relative’s name and wrote, “Let’s go! I fly, you buy!”

  • “Nadira Yusuf” wrote, “Can’t wait!”

  • “Tirina Ashaq” wrote, “Yummy!”

  • “Mandy Lewis” wrote, “Exciting! Love seeing Madera grow!”

Police Explorers

News that those age 14-21 can join Madera Police Explorers drew interest.

  • “Michelle Niewohner” wrote, “An awesome program! I went through the Madera County Sheriff program when I was in high school in the ’80s. Love that PD has a program as well.”

  • “Harlitos Way” wrote, “I will promote this in my Madera High public safety classes! Just need guest speakers.”

  • “Gary Hall” wrote, “Hope you’re not like some of the other ones in the state, messing with the girls.”

  • Kickoff dinner

  • Plans by Madera Coyote football team boosters to host a season kickoff dinner Tuesday inspired cheeky comments by readers.

  • “Timothy Riche” wrote, “I hear the MC will be amazing.”

  • “Tyler Blair” wrote, “Will they win a game this year?”

Rants and raves

Rave — Madera police officers patronized the lemonade stand of young ladies Kaylene and Madelin, who were raising money for dance competition fees. “Jeanie DeWitt Reece” wrote, “MPD! You are awesome!”

Rave — A column by Tami Jo Nix on the marriage of her cousins, Louise and Jim Scott, evoked affection from “Love Mandy,” who wrote, “Aw, she was a lunch lady from my high school days. How sweet!”

Rave — A recent talk by Tony Gurule of Ratio Christi on Sharia law drew comment from “Francine Mejia,” who wrote, “Never heard of this guy. I hope the Tribune covers this (Madera Republican Women Federated) speech. I’m not a Republican but I want to know all views.” (For more on Ratio Christi, visit

Rave — “Brian Thomas” offered advice for future trips Madera police can take with Big Brothers Big Sisters. “If you are legally allowed to do it, let’s try to take those kids to Magic Mountain or Disneyland. Monterey (Bay Aquarium) is fine,but you can get grants or a Go Fund Me account to take these kids and at least one parent to Magic Mountain or Disneyland. When the Parks and Rec. had that program back in the old days, that was the most fun I have ever had in my life as a kid.”


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