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Word from the worldwide web: Little Okie and others

Little Okie

(About a recent Bill Coate article about the history of “Little Okie.”)

My grandparents, D.C. and Mini Willis, lived across the street and maybe a hundred yards west of the Bowlin Store.

My family had moved back to Texas around 1950, but every summer my mother would take my brother and me to Amarillo, where we’d catch the San Francisco Chief and ride it to Fresno, where my grandparents would pick us up.

I made many a trip with my Grandpa across that street to Bowlin’s for bread, milk, a Coke now and then, and what ever he needed in the way of snuff. ;-)

Boy the memories I have of not only the store, but Little Okie. My grandparents had friends all over the place. There was a sister and her husband of my grandparents, Ethel and Ben Hoover, that lived about a mile south of the store.

Last time I was on that road was around 96- 97, when my Aunt died and I came out from Texas to her funeral. Took my cousin’s truck and drove around the old places.

Oh, my grandpa Willis drove up until he was in his 80s and he and grandma would always be driving so-in-so here and there for doctor’s appointments, into Madera, or fishing. High-Speed Rail

(About a recent letter to the editor on the California High-Speed Rail project)

After having just returned from Tokyo, where I rode on the Shinkansen between Kyoto and Tokyo — I can hardly wait for California high-speed rail. The naysayers want us to continue to travel on South West air or drive. The sooner HSR arrives the better off California will be. Donald Trump’s problems aren’t CNN’s fault

It was interesting reading Editor Doud’s column of May 20 blaming CNN for bringing up the Trump scandals.

One of the CNN reporters usually says, “Don’t believe us. Go to your smart phone or Internet to check out the facts.”

I’m sure that Editor Doud’s TV is also tuned into Fox News or his radio is tuned into Rush or Sean or listening to Kelly Anne Conway or Sean Spicer trying to make excuses.

Bottom line: President Trump and his administration are in deep trouble and it isn’t CNN’s fault.

— Peter Openshaw, Madera

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