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A ‘freeloader’ vents some of his outrage

California voters pay more in taxes than voters in any other state, but Gov. Brown calls opponents of his $.12 per gallon tax hike “freeloaders”. Brown signed Senate bill 1 on April 28, and it is set to go into effect November 1. This will raise our state gas tax to $.30 per gallon and increase our annual registration fees by as much as $175.

Californians are outraged (I am one of them) over this Democrat money grab. Of course, we have been paying a gas tax all along but I believe the Democrat majority in Sacramento has been raiding that money and using it for other things such as the high-speed rail, which still does not have the financing it needs to ever put a train on the tracks. Amtrak is still being subsidized.

Unfortunately, there are too many people in this blue state that support this kind of lunacy. Brown is actually the “freeloader.” We pay his salary. Secondly, the dumocrats in Sacto are fighting against everything President

Trump is trying to do, which includes healthcare. I understand Californians will be voting on a universal healthcare bill, S.B. 562, which is a massively unaffordable single-payer healthcare system that would provide coverage for all state residents, legal or otherwise. A legislative analysis estimates the bill will cost $400 billion annually and suggested a new 15 percent payroll tax on employers could produce the needed income.

Of course the employers would have to raise the prices on their products and services by 15 percent, costing us even more.

We, the freeloading taxpayers, already pay 13.3 percent state income tax and 8.25 percent sales tax and add the 15 percent onto the employers, and our struggling economy is already in debt $443 billion.

I am tired of writing, but people need to remember this stuff next election. There are consequences.

— Frank Bradford,


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