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Resident unhappy over yard sale code

I had a yard sale the first weekend of May. I put up signs at the intersection of Granada Drive and Westgate Drive and one at Autumn Road and Howard Road. About two hours later a neighbor came by and told me the code enforcers took my sign down from Granada and Westgate. I checked, and it was gone, leaving the rod I had installed to hold the sign. I checked the sign at Howard and Autumn; someone had cut the strings that held the sign up and left the sign lying on the ground. I assume this would be called littering. No one came by to advise me why this was done.

At the same intersection, Howard and Autumn, there was an “Open House” sign on the median. Why would that removed sign be put on the ground? There are lots of reasons why people have a yard sale or put up signs like “Open House”, I would guess that the main reason is to earn money. It gives me and the wife a chance to take short trips to visit a casino, therefore I have some suggestions to change the time of having yard sales to anytime.

1. Let there be yard sales anytime, you can see “Open House” signs all month long.

2. Let yard sale signs be posted anywhere people can see them. Anyone that posts a sign, put their name, address and phone number on the signs; that way if the persons decide to remove the sign and the end of his or her sale you can find the person.

If a person posts a sign without this information, the sign may be removed by anyone (Don’t put it on the ground; take it and put it in the blue barrel).

— Tom Shippey,



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