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Letter: Climate change is the accurate term

Channel 18 (PBS) aired a documentary on the Tuolumne River, “From Glacier to the Golden Gate.” This river was made by glacial action, as was Yosemite. If not for climate change we wouldn’t even know they were there.

The Italian Alps yielded bodies from World War I when the glaciers melted. Bodies that were on the surface 100 years ago were covered by ice and snow to create a frozen tomb ... until they melted. Five airplanes crash-landed on Greenland in World War II. They were covered with 200 feet of ice. Once again they were on the surface 80 years ago. The earth is ever changing.

Some don’t want it to. They create the Chicken Little theories to support their wants.

Gov. Brown supports clean air and organic food. Does he know that organic farmers are burning the weeds and polluting the air so they don’t use herbicides?

The world is changing. Populations are growing. Organics won’t feed the world. It’s just a folly. Like global warming and California High-Speed Rail.

— Bill Hoffrage, Madera

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