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Letter: Keep Madera business, dollars, local

Dear Madera City Council:

The upcoming hearing regarding an appeal of a decision to deny a conditional use permit to have automobile sales other than through a legitimate automobile agency with brick and mortar facilities should be upheld.

Local dealers spend a large amount of money for brick and mortar facilities, as well as employing local people to staff their agencies.

For an out-of-town dealer who has no investment in the community to put on a “circus tent” sale and remove dollars from this community will not help the local dealers or community at all.

Neither does the out-of-town dealer have repair facilities locally to take care of any service problems that may arise with the vehicles that they have sold.

For the ultimate good of our community please uphold the denial of the conditional use permit so that people will continue to support our local auto dealers.

— Michael Pistoresi DMP Development Corp., Madera

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