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Man confesses to hit-and-run

A Madera man is in custody following his arrest in a DUI-related hit and run.

At the Madera County Superior Courthouse the suspect, Roberto Bernal, 21, was ordered on Thursday to return to court on March 23 for a preliminary setting with Judge Joseph Soldani. In the meantime, he is being held on $30,000 bail.

According to Madera Police Det. Sgt. Mark Trukki, Bernal was arrested after an accident that occurred on Sunday evening, when he ran a stop sign at the intersection of 6th and A streets.

“Apparently, Bernal was traveling northbound on A Street,” Trukki said, “and he struck the vehicle going westbound on 6th Street.”

At was at this point, Trukki stated, that Bernal’s SUV, a 2001 GMC Yukon, struck the other vehicle, a 2011 GMC Canyon pickup.

“That subsequently caused the vehicle to be pushed into (a) stop sign,” Trukki said.

After the wreck, Bernal reportedly fled the scene. The driver of the pickup truck was taken to Madera Community Hospital for injuries.

According to Trukki, Bernal was contacted later by phone, and was arrested without resistance in the middle of the night in front of the home of a friend off of Road 28 1/2. Bernal then reportedly confessed to the hit and run.

Bernal is being held at Madera County Jail on charges related to driving under the influence, fleeing the scene of an accident, and driving under knowledge of suspension, revocation or restriction.


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