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Letter: Little is news in story on squalor

Living conditions article: Nothing new here. All my years with the phone company put me in these “homes.” Code enforcement looked the other way. Where are they going to go?

In the '80s, There was a similar article in the Tribune, about migrants having to pay to live under a tree off of Vineyard in Madera.

I said, “We do that all the time in Yosemite ... its called camping!”

Talk to farmers that provide housing. It’s destroyed in one year of occupancy!

Avenue 10 and 99. What happened to that housing provided by the late Ronnie Cloud? They totally destroyed it! Fresno just cleaned up a homeless camp. Before and after photos make it look good now. Where did they spend the night after that? We need to let them be.

Provide showers and bathrooms but nothing else. Just let them be. Semi trailers can be set up to be showers and bathrooms.

Park ‘em and pump ‘em. 5 p.m. is beer time. Free beer (one can) at 5. Only if their “camp” is clean. Not clean ... no beer. Truck just passes by. Soon, they will police themselves.

P.S.: Did the Board of Supervisors get a $23,000 dollar raise? Or was it just a “salary adjustment.” Not happy with the board. Measure L did not need to be.

The 1/4 percent sales tax that expired could have been maintained years ago. Now it’s another “Crisis.” Looks like bad management to me. We need to turn them all out.

— Bill Hoffrage, Madera


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