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Letter: What we may need is a little fear

Van Jones of CNN says people are living in fear with Trump as our president. Isn’t a bit of fear good?

California has reduced the fear level so much, that no one cares about anything but themselves. Traffic “laws” are merely suggestions on how to drive. Cameras and alarms just mean they have less time to smash and dash. Even committing murder doesn’t seem to bother some.


They are not afraid of the “law,” either man’s, or God’s.

How do we get back to the “good old days?” We need to have have a little fear in our lives. A good, strong hand, and the taste of Lifeboy soap. We need a correctional system that corrects and not just detains. A death penalty that is not so swift or painless. Give those a chance to reflect and perhaps see the error of their ways. When others see, perhaps a change will come.

— Bill Hoffrage, Madera


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