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Letter: America, watch your backs

It sickens me to listen and to watch what’s going on in this great country today.

The socialist politicians who are the enemy of this great country are livid because they lost the last election. Why are they livid? Because they lost their chance to make this great country a part of the one-world government.

Another reason is because they lost their power.

But most important of all they thought because they stacked the deck against us taxpayers that they had the election in the bag.

Well, fortunately, their bag ruptured!

Now they’ll tell you that they really won the election, because they had the most votes. Well, I have news for them. If you deduct all the illegal votes just on the “left coast” they might not have the most votes. Of course they already know that. That was part of the stacked deck.

They are not only livid, they are vicious! Years back they portrayed themselves as non-violent people; instead, they are the most criminal, vicious and violent people on the face of the earth. Just look at the paid-for demonstrations!

Look, what they did to Gen. Flynn and Attorney General Sessions without any facts to back them up; but most of all what they’re trying to do to President Trump — all for the purpose of trying to keep him from succeeding. But on the subject, I can honestly tell you they will fail. President Trump in a little over a month in office has already accomplished more than Obama did in eight years! Obama’s accomplishments were simply to bring the great country down and make us consistent with all the other countries that have already gone broke!

Their M.O. (modus operandi) is to sling mud against the wall to see how much will stick. Then, with the help of the crooked socialist news media, even if it doesn’t stick, that same media will portray it as truth and some of the idiots out there will believe it.

Let’s compare a few things here. Attorney General Holder, Obama’s AG, resigned under mysterious circumstances.

And Loretta Lynch, attorney general under Obama, should be in federal prison today. Lynch met with Bill Clinton on her airplane while Clinton’s wife was under federal investigation.

Did they think we’re all stupid to believe all they talked about was grandkids and golf. Well if there is anyone out there who believes that, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell them.

Well anyway, Obama pulled out all the stops and with the help of the crooked socialist politicians kept Lynch out of jail. The socialists in the Democratic Party also pulled around her. That’s what they call transparency!

On the other hand when a Republican like Flynn or Sessions is pounded with lies, what do the Republicans do? Nothing; they just roll over; what a shame, no guts at all! Until they get all the Rinos (Republicans in name only) out of the Republican Party we will never have a strong conservative party.

If you think I am paranoid about socialism and communism, forget it! For those of you who still have their head in the sand, maybe you should read the book titled “California Dynasty of Communism,” written by Karl Prussion, former undercover agent for the FBI. It was published in the early- to mid-1960s. Karl’s book featured three people: Alan Cranston, Stanley Mosk, and Pat Brown. They were all communist-affiliated. Pat Brown was Jerry (Moon Beam) Brown’s father, your governor.

Also, if you’re still interested, find out who formed the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). You’ll find it was started by Roger Baldwin, a communist supporter if not a communist.

By the way Karl Prussion issued a challenge for anyone to refute the contents of his book in a court of law — no one ever did. Isn’t that funny?

Wake up America, and people, watch your backs!

— Sam Pistoresi Madera


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