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Letter: Measure L a lesson

In 2018, Madera County voters will elect new officials to local office. With the failure of Measure L (on Tuesday), I hope voters will not soon forget those elected officials who were in support of this failed measure and the amount of taxpayer money that was spent (wasted) in promoting the measure.

Madera County has the second-lowest per capita income (per household) in California. Had this measure passed, Madera County would have had “one” of the highest sales-tax rates in the state. In my humble opinion this is an indication that our current elected officials may not have the best interests at heart for Madera County residents.

The people we send into office are not placed there to serve their best interests or their deep pocket supporters’ best interests, but rather, the needs of the entire county as best they can. They should be reminded that their vote or decision on certain matters may not always coincide with their personal opinion or beliefs.

This is the basis of a democracy. It seems at times some of our current elected officials forget that. Be sure that you’re informed and always remember that your vote matters.

— Scott A. Runtzel, Bass Lake


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