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Curbside cleanup program planned

This year’s Residential Curbside Cleanup Program will run from March 20 to April 25, according to Madera Solid Waste Manager Ron Prestridge.

The program helps the city’s single-family homeowners and residents get rid of excess trash, including bulky goods like stoves, refrigerators, furniture, mattresses, water heaters and children’s play sets. Such items are not collected during normal weekly trash service. If larger than four feet, they should be disassembled or cut up. Carpets and padding should be rolled.

By 6 a.m., the waste should be placed in the same location as one’s regular collection in the street — not in alleys. Unbroken televisions and computer monitors should instead be placed on the curb. No raw garbage, pesticides, chemicals, explosive materials, automotive fluids, paint, treated poles or railroad ties, tree balls, or construction materials.

Collections areas will change from day to day as the Solid Waste Department handles pickups across the city. Debris should not be put out for collection more than seven days before one’s pickup date. Residents should avoid parking on the street during collection day.

Illegal dumping should be reported Code Enforcement at 661-5114. Callers should be prepared to describe the dumper and his or her vehicle (type, color and license plate number) as well as the date and time of the dump.

The city plans to mail out 12,422 informational letters about the program to trash customers Friday. For information before then, call the city’s Solid Waste Department at 661-5406 or visit or

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