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Trailer park likely in flood danger

Just read an article from Channel 30 News about the residents of the trailer park on the river at State Route 41, near where the highway crosses the San Joaquin River. They are worried about getting flooded out.

Well, what the heck do they think? Look at the bluffs on both sides of them. How were they made? In the 1960s — 1968, I believe — I was sent down to the old 41 bridge to check on the telephone cables that crossed the river. The water was “uncontrolled” going over the spillway at Friant. Water was two feet from the bottom of the bridge.

Years later, when they put in the trailer park, I thought, What? How can this be? That’s what money can do. Approve things that are not in the best judgment.

Riverstone, HSR, Ellis Overpass. If that trailer park had been there in 1968, they would have all been in Sausalito by morning.

All I can say is call FEMA 1-800-flooded. Oh, busy? Well try again later. Your call is important to us.

— Bill Hoffrage, Madera

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