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What you resist in life is what you miss

“The Father that dwells within me, He does the work.” — John 14:10

Now that the holidays are over and the Super Bowl is about to be played, most people are getting back into living their dreams. The dreams most people have is a life of peace, love and joy.

What does one have to do in order for their dreams to become a reality? I have found that the best way is to take a look at nature and the change of things around you. As I go about my daily activities, I see most of the trees have all lost their leaves and seem to be relaxed and resting. That is very important for the trees because they are preparing themselves for another cycle of bearing fruit and nuts to provide the abundance we share.

When you take a close look at all the things in nature, you will begin to understand that the Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God) is at work at all times through whatever it may be. There is no resistance on the part of the trees or animals of nature, because it is the indwelling presence of the Creative Energy (God) that is guiding the actions they take.

It is amazing that the trees know when to bloom, the animals know when to start preparing for a new cycle of life and the birds know when to start building nests. The one common trait in most of nature is that there is no resistance to what is happening.

Where most people fail to have a life of joy, peace and harmony is when they resist change in their way of doing things. It is the Creative Intelligence of the Universe (God) that gives us the ideas, and then supplies all that is necessary to turn our dreams into reality.

When we don’t put up any resistance, by doing it our way, the Divine Presence within each of us manifests through us. The divine flame is lit by the spark that is within each of us.

There is no way we can completely extinguish this divine flame because it can be reignited by the spark of Spirit that is always available within us. When we keep the channel of our mind open and receptive for the power to flow through it, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

It is the resistance we create in our mind that blocks our good, such as doubt, resentment, hate, fear and the lack of understanding. There isn’t any part of nature that resists the flow of the Creative Intelligence of the Universe except man. Man is the same part of nature as any animal on this planet and the only difference is that man has the ability to think and make choices.

The other animals may have the ability to make choices, such as fight or flight in order to survive, but they are always in the flow of the Creative Power. That is why they know when it is time to do what they do in order to reproduce and multiply. This Creative Power flows through man the same as the other animals and it is the resistance man creates in his mind that keeps him from the life of joy, peace and harmony.

Get yourself out of the way and allow this wonderful power of the Creative Intelligence to flow through you and you will see how good life can be.


The Rev. Jim Fox teaches the principles of the Science of the Mind (aka New Thought or Religious Science).

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