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Sanctuary bad idea for Madera

This will be one irate and vocal citizen if Madera becomes a sanctuary for lawbreakers of any kind. These people who are not criminals should not be worrying about being deported now.

President-elect Trump says he intends to deport criminal aliens, so if you are a criminal, yes, you should be scared and go back to where you came from; but if you have been law abiding and not been in trouble with the law, then I believe you will be all right but you should do something to get your immigration status fixed.

This has been coming for many years and every president has just kicked the can down the road. Now that Trump wants to fix this problem, some people are in a panic.

Mr. Gonzalez got some literature from San Francisco that will now cause some problems.

I don’t agree with anything SF does. They have been a sanctuary city, which I disagree with, for many years, especially since Kate Steinle was shot and killed by an illegal alien on July 1, 2015. I have hope that a number of things can be set right in this country with a new president.

— Frank Bradford, Madera

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