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Looking out, from the inside, on quarry project

After working as a geologist for more than 20 years with a California-based environmental consulting company, I was a bit wary of jumping into the industrial sector.

I had become accustomed to guiding industrial companies to do the right thing from an environmental and outreach perspective. I was concerned that doing “the right thing” would somehow be more difficult from “the inside.” I could not have been more wrong!

I can tell you from firsthand experience that Vulcan is one of the most responsible companies I have ever engaged with and I am proud to say that I am an employee. Vulcan consistently does the right thing, the right way. This is simply the way Vulcan does business. The Austin Quarry project is no exception to this business philosophy. Vulcan has worked diligently over many years to develop a project that will provide many benefits to the Madera community.

There are some, however, that continue to portray Vulcan as an irresponsible company that should not be provided the benefit of consideration. These folks do not know Vulcan. I wish each and every one of these opponents could walk in my shoes for a day or a week so they could experience the essence of Vulcan.

I would like them to observe how we operate each of our facilities responsibly, exceeding regulatory metrics for the industry.

I would like them to listen to the complimentary conversations that I have with our resident neighbors after we sit down to resolve challenges together through open and honest communication.

I would like them to understand how seriously we take the long-term disposition of our properties. I would like them to feel the pride that I feel every time I enter a site that is well maintained and manicured so it blends seamlessly with the surrounding community and landscape.

I would like them to understand the gratification that comes with someone saying to me, “Thank you, Vulcan, for keeping your word.”

I would like them to feel the sense of wonder that comes with watching a young student on a site tour finally connect the dots regarding some aspect of earth science or engineering.

I would like them to be touched by the sincerity in our hearts and handshakes when we participate with local charities.

I would like them to feel the pride that goes hand in hand with being fortunate enough to work for this world class company.

I urge you to evaluate the Austin Quarry project not by the false narratives promoted by the opposition but rather on the character of who we are as a company and what we can contribute to the next chapter in Madera County. The Madera County Board of Supervisors should know that Vulcan is right for their county. They should vote “yes” at their meeting on Monday.

— Barbara Goodrich-Welk, Manager, Projects & External Affairs Western & Mountain West Divisions

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