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Man mugged while playing Pokemon Go

Police are looking for three suspects after a man in Madera was beaten and robbed while playing a popular mobile game.

The victim, 25, was playing Pokemon Go on his cell phone at Rotary Park on Gateway Drive on Sunday night, when he was approached by three men, who he said assaulted and robbed him, according to Madera Police Sgt. Robert Burns. The incident reportedly occurred around 10:50 p.m. Burns stated the victim was alone when the mugging occurred.

According to Burns, the alleged victim could not make out the faces of the attackers in the dark, and was only able to give police a vague description of the suspects.

“It was dark; it was three males that were possibly Hispanic,” Burns said.

The amount stolen, Burns said, is also not known by police. The suspects did, however, reportedly make off with the victim’s cell phone.

“After it happened, he went to another location to call us immediately,” Burns said.

Burns also said that this was the first reported incident in Madera involving Pokemon Go in which someone was harmed.

The victim was not hospitalized.

“We ask the community to take precautions while playing the game,” Madera Police Cpl. Josh Chavez said. “Consider the time of night and the areas you are exploring. Also do not enter private property or prohibited areas.”

If anyone has information regarding this incident, they are encouraged to call the Madera Police Department at 675-4200.

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