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Beer: not just for drinking

Use regular or non-alcoholic beer to make some delicious beer bread. (Cathie Campbell)


Beer is a popular beverage, pretty much all over the world. But how many people use beer as a cooking ingredient? And what type of things can be made using beer as part of the recipe?

Some things that came to mind were beer bread, cheese spread made with beer, soft beer pretzels and a few more. So here we go folks, twist that bottle cap or pull that can tab and let’s get those aprons on.

It’s up to you if you have some left over and give it a little taste! You can use non-alcoholic beer in these recipes if you wish. I rarely drink alcohol, but I do remember some times when I enjoyed an ice-cold Corona Light with a lime wedge poked down into the bottle neck.

A high school teacher once told his class about his travels while in the Army, and he said he learned there were people overseas who drank their beer warm or hot. So he tried it and preferred it that way. Personally, I can’t see myself trying that. But some soft pretzels spread with a beer cheese, now that’s more to my liking! ...

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