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Everything’s just peachy

Many of us love peaches and many love ice cream. Why not combine the two foods and concentrate on peach ice cream this week? I know I’m up for that!

We have an old-fashioned ice cream maker, the kind that requires turning a handle to make the paddles churn. When I was a kid, I was informed that unless I helped churn the ice cream, I wasn’t allowed to have any.

I am not sure I believed that for a minute, even back then, but I gladly took my turn. Of course, I always did my best to take my turn at the beginning, before the contents started to firm up. The results were always superb.

I hope you have some great ice cream memories of your own, and that you will continue to carry on this wonderful tradition. And if you have an electric ice cream maker, enjoy it! Don’t let these machines sit in storage, unused. Get some ice cream going! ...

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