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25 years ago in the week of June 19, 1991

It’s Doggone Hot — that’s what folks thought 25 years ago. Chester, this beat-looking basset hound owned by Ed Blakes, tried a fan and soda pop for some relief from the 100-plus temperatures. Wednesday’s high was expected to reach 106 degrees. (Courtesy of The Madera County Historical Society)


NO PRAYER AT MUSD GRADUATION — Sam Bruce, pastor of the Fourth Street Church of God has one less ministerial duty to perform as a result of action taken by Madera Unified school trustees Tuesday night. The invitation to give the invocation and benediction at Madera High’s graduation ceremonies has been withdrawn. The board voted to take the advice of the district’s attorney and disallow an invocation and benediction at graduation ceremonies. School superintendent Tom Riley said, “As a public servant, it is my duty to see the law is upheld, regardless of my personal beliefs.” In response, Rev. Bruce said, “Morality and ethics can not be legislated, but this legislation is eroding the fabric of society.”

CITY MAY REVOKE C STREET BAR PERMIT — A new city code which allows the revoking of alcohol sales permits from bars will get its first test before the Madera Planning Commission tonight. A public hearing will be held on whether to revoke the permit for the Veteran’s Club bar at 523 South C Street. Commissioners will hear of 18 incidents at the Veteran’s Club, dating from early December. Police officials will argue that a pattern of unreported drug abuse and violence should be enough to revoke the alcohol permit. The Veteran’s Club has had the highest incidence of calls for police assistance not initiated by the owner.

MADERA CHOSEN AS SITE FOR SALVATION ARMY CHURCH — Madera has been chosen as the location for a new Salvation Army church and social program intended to help a growing Hispanic community. Capt. Carmelo Rodriguez, a native of Cuba who came to the United States 20 years ago, will head the new facility with his wife, Aux. Capt. Clara Rodriguez. “In Madera, we have 60 to 70 percent Spanish. We know the needs of Spanish people in other areas, and we want to come and do something for the Spanish community in Madera,” said Rodriguez. Initial plans call for a church, a hot meal program, and emergency food baskets.

BAR OWNER CLAIMS DISCRIMINATION — Carlos Lopez, owner of the Veteran’s Club on C Street, and his attorney Tomas Nunez, announced their intention to fight the attempt to revoke Lopez’ alcohol sales permit. Speaking at a meeting of the Madera Planning Commission Tuesday night, Nunez noted that the first bar the city is trying to shut down is a Hispanic bar. “They won’t go after the white bars, Nunez said. “There is an attitude that they can go to the Hispanic part of town and do this.” Lopez asked if the Department of Corrections can’t keep drugs out of the jail, how is he expected to keep them out of his bar? ....

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