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Maderan helps nab DUI suspect

A suspect in a DUI is awaiting his day in court after crashing his pickup truck into three vehicles, and running over a curb, causing panic among bystanders.

Elfego Cervantes tried to drive from the area of Barcelona Way and Laguna Way while heavily intoxicated on the night of June 10, according to Madera Police Cpl. Mark Trukki. In doing so, his Chevrolet Silverado allegedly hit three cars parked on the side of the street, and then drove over the sidewalk. This knocked the tire off the front passenger’s side of the truck, finally disabling it. Part of the incident was caught on camera by one of the bystanders.

After the crash, Cervantes reportedly tried to flee on foot when one citizen, Tammy Pena-Rodriguez, took action in detaining Cervantes by grabbing the suspect, and holding him down until officers arrived. According to Rodriguez, this was despite some of the bystanders telling her to release him.

“I can’t believe people were telling me to let him go,” said Rodriguez via Facebook. “I wasn’t going to let him go. He totaled three cars and almost hit my cars and kids playing. I don’t think so.” ...


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