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25 years ago in the week of June 5, 1991

NORTH FORK MURDER TRIAL COSTS SKYROCKETING — Madera County has spent $732,012 on the five trials stemming from the 1987 murder of a Southern California engineer, and the bills are still coming in. Until the beginning of last year, certain costs incurred in the defense of an indigent defendant were reimbursed by the state. But last fiscal year, the state approved no money for reimbursements. “Oh, my God, that’s horrible,” exclaimed Supervisor Al Ginsburg. “I don’t think there is enough publicity for the public to get a grasp of what’s happening,” Ginsburg said. “The legislature and the appellate courts have done these things,” he added.

UC TASK FORCE SEEKS UNITY — A change in the design for the new University of California logo used on T-shirts and sweatshirts throughout the city sparked a lengthy debate Wednesday night in the need to unify those interested in bringing the campus to Madera into a single body. The discussion came at a meeting of the Madera UC Task Force. Patti Anderson, who has been a major promoter of the campus, was rebuked for not keeping the Madera UC Task Force, headed by Sally Frazier and Tim Hayes, informed on her activities. “I think you have some brilliant ideas, but I think it would be helpful if you brought them to us on the way out,” Hayes said. Frazier said it looks like we are split. “We need to be perceived as a unified county effort.”

MAN KILLED WHEN TRAILER DISCONNECTS — Elmer Carey, 87, was killed this morning when he was unable to avoid a flat-bed trailer that disconnected from a west-bound truck driven by Jerald Housley, 45, and ripped through the driver’s side of Carey’s car in the eastbound lane of Avenue 7 between Road 23 and Road 24. The California Highway Patrol’s investigation appears to center on whether the trailer was properly connected to the truck in the first place. Carey’s wife, Fay Carey, received minor injuries in the accident. CHP Officer Darren Hise investigated the accident at the scene.

MADERAN WILL BE CHEERING THIS YEAR FOR 49ers — Following a long-time dream, a Madera woman has earned a spot on the cheerleading squad of the San Francisco 49ers. Tristin Davis, 20, a 1988 Madera High graduate now in her senior year at Fresno State, was one of 16 girls selected out of 220 aspirants to be a member of next year’s 26 member team. Davis, a native Maderan, began cheering for Pop Warner games as a sixth grader at Howard School after taking ballet for nine years. She said the support her mother, Christie Davis, provided helped her to decide to pursue cheerleading. “My mom is the greatest mom in the whole world,” she said...

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