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Officer in training busts a suspected car thief

Three, suspects, two of them minors, were arrested when their car, which was reported stolen, was spotted by officers of the Madera Police Department.

On a routine patrol, Officer Jose Hernandez, and his field training officer, Chris Anaya, spotted a blue Mercury Sable reportedly being driven by Edwin Ramirez, 18., in the area of Tulare Street and Lincoln Avenue. According to Det. Sgt. Johnnie Smith, Ramirez made what seemed at first to be just a minor traffic violation. Hernandez went to pull Ramirez over, and it was at this point that Ramirez is reported to have made an attempt to flee from the police.

“They noticed a vehicle that failed to signal at an intersection, and attempted to pull the vehicle over for the violation,” Det. Sgt. Johnnie Smith said. “And the vehicle failed to yield, leading them on a short pursuit.”

Following protocol, the officers ran a plate scan on the fleeing vehicle, and it became quickly apparent as to why the driver of the Mercury wouldn’t pull over for such a simple violation...


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