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Arraignment for murder suspects finally held

A preliminary hearing for two murder suspects has been scheduled for June 13.

After a four-day delay in court, suspects Oscar Reyes, 20, and Kevin Rendon, 20, were arraigned Friday. The two suspects voluntarily waived their arraignment due to issues regarding their legal representation, but attorneys have now been assigned to the case.

Rendon was arrested May 27 for the murder of Fabian Hernandez, 35, of Madera, which occurred on the evening of June 18, 2015. Reyes, who was later charged, was already in custody for his suspected involvement in another shooting.

According to Det. Shant Sheklanian of the Madera Police Department, Hernandez was in the living room of his home at 1110 Lacreta Ave. when he was killed in a drive-by shooting. The house was shot multiple times in the attack. According to Sheklanian, the shooting was gang-related...


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