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Murder suspects’ hearing delayed

The arraignment of two men suspected of murder will be held this morning at 8:30 at the Madera County Superior Court.

During a preliminary hearing Tuesday morning, Judge Dale J. Blea allowed a 24-hour waiver for the arraignment of Kevin Rendon, 20, and Oscar Reyes, 20, in order to sort out matters surrounding Reyes’ legal representation.

Rendon was arrested on May 27 for the murder of Fabian Hernandez, 35, of Madera, which occurred on the evening of June 18, 2015. Reyes, who was already in custody for another shooting that occurred later that month, was also charged.

According to Det. Shant Sheklanian of the Madera Police Department, Hernandez was fatally wounded in a drive-by shooting, while he was in the living room of his home at 1110 Lacreta Ave., at which a barrage of gunfire was aimed. The shooting, Sheklanian said, was gang-related...


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