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Some Sierra campgrounds still closed

CLOVIS — Memorial Day may be near but the opening of a minority of Sierra National Forest campgrounds is not, due to an unprecedented number of dead trees, which can pose a hazard to campers.

The U.S. Forest Service, state, county, tribal community, businesses and locals have worked together to treat such trees since fall, and the majority of Sierra campgrounds will be open for Memorial Day. But not all. The service has had to cope with an “extremely large volume” of dead trees, especially in the 3,000 to 6,500 foot elevation range.

The following campgrounds which normally open for Memorial Day, will not be available: Bass Lake Ranger District, Whishon Point Campground, Fish Creek Campground, Lakeside Picnic/Amphitheater, Recreation Point Camp/Picnic, Spring Cove Campground, Crane Valley Group Campground, Little Denver Church, Pine Slope, Jerseydale Campground, Rock Creek Campground, Placer Campground, Mammoth Pool Campground, High Sierra Ranger District, Dorabelle Campground and Gigantea Campground

Ross Cabin is a historical site that is located approximately 300 ft. off of Forest Road 4S81. This site is surrounded with dead trees that are a hazard to the public and is also closed. Other campgrounds are still available and can be reserved at

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