Arteaga retires from commission

January 27, 2018

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Susan Arteaga.

After 20 years of service, Commissioner Susan Arteaga submitted her resignation to the Madera County Children and Families Commission to spend time with her family.

The Madera County Children and Families Commission, also known as First 5 Madera County, was started in 1998 through the passage of Proposition 10. The proposition added an additional 50 cents-per-pack tax on all tobacco products sold in California. The money collected is then distributed to each county based on birth rates to fund programs that support optimal childhood development.

First 5 Madera County receives roughly $2 million dollars annually from Prop. 10 to fund programs and services for children 0-5 years old and their families.

Arteaga was a founder of the commission; however, she was involved with planning and development since 1997.

Arteaga served on the Commission as a representative for the Department of Social Services. In 2011, she retired from Social Services, but continued to serve on the commission as a community representative for the City of Madera.

Her resignation from the commission was effective effective Nov. 30, 2017

“Arteaga’s wealth of knowledge in social services, combined with her leadership and commitment to quality services for young children and their families have been a great contribution to Madera County,” said a news release from First 5.

“In her tenure, she participated in over 200 meetings, voted in over 1,000 agenda items, provided over 4,000 second signatures on claims, served as the chair for the Program and Grants Award Committee for 20 years that awarded over $20 million dollars in program contracts and was the vice-chair for the Commission 6 times.”

Arteaga was recognized by the commission chair, Supervisor Max Rodriguez, and her peers on December 11, 2017 during the Commissioner Retreat for her services.

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