Readers upset about elected officials

November 25, 2017

Courtesy of Madera County

Madera County District Attorney David Linn has leveled claims of government corruption in response to  accusations of workplace misconduct, which were supported by an independent investigator.

The Madera Tribune met the following comments online about articles and local happenings.


Civil war

Madera County’s supervisors will consider censuring its district attorney Monday morning for alleged abuse and harassment of his staff. The district attorney has labeled it “political retaliation” for his opposing government corruption.

  • “Kym Smith Salter” wrote, “Kinda makes you wonder, is there a swamp that needs draining?!”

  • “Sergio Moreno” wrote, “Let’s wait and see what comes out.”

  • “Jack Porter” wrote, “Isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black. I wonder why there weren’t press releases like this when a female county employee accused CEO Eric Fleming of sexual assault during a county gathering at Casey’s Bar & Grill? The county ended up paying the lady $10,000 to go away. Why didn’t the county issue a press release last year when Supervisor Tom Wheeler threatened a member of the press in the board room, used profanity towards people speaking to the board, belittled women on his Facebook page, or was questioned on the appropriateness of hugging and picking up a female employee the board was honoring? What about a press release when it was revealed, a month after being given an award for supporting the county’s efforts for child support, Supervisor Max Rodriguez had a child he fathered in 1962 that he never paid one dime in child support and refuses to publicly acknowledge that he is this woman’s father?”


Unhappy voters

Madera city government layoffs have been proposed due to fiscal woes. Some readers reacted to the news with anger towards county elected officials instead of city heads, though a minority kept focused on the city.

  • “Geri St Lucia” wrote, “When the state was facing financial difficulties, the state workers faced 15 percent salary reductions. If the city has a $900,000 budget deficit, salaries should be reassessed before public services are cut.”

  • “Michelle Garcia” wrote, “I’m planning on starting the term limits petition. Need to get information and get this ball rolling!”

  • “Sandy Wilson Myers” wrote, “I agree start with voting! Vote in new (county) supervisors. Limit their term.”

  • “John Anthony” wrote, “Bell, California, right in Madera. Y’all should be marching on City Hall demanding an immediate swamp draining!”


Home invasion

Two suspects have been arrested for an alleged home invasion robbery by Bass Lake that left an elderly woman in critical condition.

  • “Diane Rutschow” wrote, “Wow! Awesome police work! Thank you for getting these evil people off the streets. … Praying for the 77-year-old lady on life support. So sad.”


Rants and raves


  • Rant — National Park Service has extended its public comment period for a proposed hike in peak-season entry fees for 17 parks, including Yosemite. “Dale Drozen” wrote, “Are they going to raise the fees and continue free admission days several weekends a year?”

  • Rant — Authorities have charged Armitraj Singh Athwal, 21, for the alleged murder of gas station mini mart clerk Dharampreet Singh near Madera. “Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “If we were the old West, he would had already been hung and buried. … A 20-year-old kid working at a Tackle Box for three months trying to make a life and this creep kills him.”

  • Rant — A letter by Bill Hoffrage urged death for gun abusers and arsonists, and castration for sex offenders. “Octavio Gaona Jr” wrote, “This man makes sense but a little too crazy.”

  • Rave — Madera Downtown Association will hold its 24th annual Candlelight Christmas Parade at 6 p.m. Nov. 30 down Yosemite Avenue. “South County-Colts” wrote, “Felipe Molina, you should enter your football teams.”

  • Rave — Madera High School volleyball player Brian Garcia has signed his National Letter of Intent to play for University of California, Irvine. “Frank N Marisela Duarte” wrote, “Great job, family. Look, Tia Marcy Avila.”


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