Readers worry about City of Madera finances

October 30, 2017

Courtesy of Chowchilla Police Department

Officer Michelle Boyle of Chowchilla Animal Control holds onto an emu that ran amok Monday morning in Chowchilla. Local citizens roped the bird and helped turn it over to its owner.

The Madera Tribune met the following comments online about articles and local happenings.


City gloom

Readers responded to a warning to the Madera City Council that pension funding issues would lead to a financial shortfall for the city.


  • “Timothy Riche” wrote, “I know the city council will figure it out for District 2 … David Tooley is the man! If he can’t do it, nobody can.”

  • “Michelle Otero Garcia” wrote, “Why is the county not having the same issue? We got money for big raises, new programs. I don’t get it.”

  • “Kevin Stansbury” wrote, “Because they are narrow minded and stifle growth … (Wake up) and allow business to grow … Get out of our way!”

  • “Bobby Sheikh” wrote, “Creating problem for small business growth in this town is the virtue of Madera City Hall … (which) will continue to suffer with deficits and other issues until the day they admit their errors made and try to correct things in (an) honest manner.”

  • “Sergio Franco Broker” wrote, “When it takes 90-plus days to approve your plans to start construction, you know there is something wrong with that. … Ask a question and their answer is more evasive that anything else.”

  • “Tracy Harlow” wrote, “‘Pension funding reforms’ translation: take money away from people who have worked for it and have retired and the city doesn’t want to honor the binary laws set in place to protect those folks. Tooley, you make over approximately $200,000 a year. Let’s start from the top down and leave the people who earned it alone.”

  • “April Molina” wrote, “Why not cut back current retirement? … I have no problem with pensions in the private sector. Private companies can do whatever they want. But when it comes to government jobs, no. Our tax dollars need to go toward the people. Government has grown so much in the last 100 years that it’s swelled to a point it cannot maintain itself. When the unemployment rate drops, the government just ‘creates’ jobs within the government. This is causing bankruptcy. Learn to save, or get out of government jobs.”

  • “Patrick Swisher” wrote, “FYI teachers aren’t affected by this. Just police officers, firefighters, city workers, etc.”


Emu at large

Chowchilla residents roped a loose emu Monday morning (Oct. 23) and helped an animal control officer turn it over to its owner, according to the Chowchilla Police Department.


  • “Maggie Vaiarello Stickler” wrote, “This has to be the same emu that was on Highway 99 yesterday!”

  • “Jessica Strickland” wrote, “Almost hit it! My boys thought it was the coolest thing. I was just like, ‘Did I really see an emu or am I still 90 percent asleep?’”

  • “Wanda Anderson” wrote, “So glad someone captured the emu before it was hurt.”

  • “Dawn Swinton” wrote, “Mary Ann Swinton, your emu almost got a surprise date!”

  • “April Molina” wrote, “I hope you read him his rights.”


Flaming wrath

A few readers took offense with the suggestion by columnist Tami Jo Nix that “the Almighty” allowed fires in California as “payback” for its evildoing.


  • “Joel Lanoie” wrote, “Do you realize how disrespectful that idiotic suggestion is?” 

  • “David Wells” wrote, “This article is false … (The wineries mentioned in the column) are all still open.”

  • “Michelle Lacy” wrote, “Wow. This article is totally incorrect. Do your homework, people. All of those wineries in Sonoma Valley are open and untouched by the fires.”

  • “Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “God had nothing to do with it. It’s the stupid politicians in this world, especially in California. Moonbeam needs to get the heck out of here.”


Halloween house


News of a Halloween-decorated walkway at the Spraggins home at 26458 Fonda Avenue led to rave reviews. 

  • “Ana Moreno” wrote, “Looks perfect, Coleen and Joseph!”

  • “Jovanna Torres” wrote, “My kids love it!”

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