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Tribute To Charles ‘Chuck’ Doud

The recent passing of Chuck Doud marked an indelible loss for “old school” journalism. Here was a man who plied a proud vocation whose real charge was seen as a commitment to provide pertinent information to local readers.

Before he “shuffled off this mortal coil,” the man served as a beacon in the dark abandoned corners of what passes for journalism today. Chuck grew up and learned a truly professional way to report who, what, where, when and why as it was once taught. His was always moving in the pursuit of facts and public information, which assured that his readers were always well informed. Chuck always believed that an informed public made for strong citizens and secure country.

“Shuffled off” is a phase borrowed from the works of William Shakespeare and, while describing our friends’ loss to all of us in more flourishing terms, had little to do with how he lived his busy, full life.

I had the very great opportunity to work closely with Chuck when we were retained as the contract printer for The Madera Tribune which, even with all of his other responsibilities, was the epicenter of his life. The man was continuously driven to report the latest, most factual rendition of the story for all of his local readers. As his printer, I can tell you his biggest problem was making deadlines because of the drive to print the very latest information.

Chuck, my friend, you will be sorely missed. The newspaper journalism profession is all the poorer for having lost you who proudly represented a rapidly disappearing link with professionalism.

— Fred Hall,


Mid Valley Publishing



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