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Torres hosts Bulldogs for basketball camp

Tyler Takeda/The Madera Tribune

Matilda Torres basketball campers gather with members of the Fresno State women’s basketball team after a clinic Thursday at the Matilda Torres High School Gym. About 100 players took part in the camp, which was taught by members of the Bulldogs’ women’s basketball team and led by head coach Jaime White.


After cultivating a relationship with Fresno State women’s basketball coach Jaime White, Matilda Torres girls basketball coach Jose Villalobos hosted the Bulldogs for a free clinic to about 100 players.

“The turnout was absolutely fantastic,” Villalobos said. “I had the hope of having 200-300 kids here. Fresno State wanted only 100 kids because they want it a little more controlled. I had it filled in two days. I had about 30-40 kids on stand-by. We had a couple drop so I got more kids in.”

White and the Bulldogs held a three-plus hour Fresno State Women’s Basketball Camp at Matilda Torres High School and taught the players fundamentals they will use for their careers.

“Fresno State was very impressed with our facilities,” Villalobos said. “They have never been here before and were very appreciative for us to get the camp started.”

Villalobos, who will guide the Toros to their second varsity season, hopes to help create a basketball culture in Madera, and at Torres.

“Creating a culture has been the No. 1 topic between me and my coaches and the coaches at the other schools,” he said. “We don’t have a basketball culture. Soccer is very dominant in the households. For us, our goal is to create that culture to show the kids there are other sports than soccer. We want to introduce basketball at an early age and give them that positive culture where they’re going to love basketball. It’s all connected to be successful in high school.

“My kids are fascinated by what they see. When I was growing up, I didn’t have these opportunities to come to a camp to be taught by a Div. I program. Our goal is to inspire these kids. Coach White does a great job. She talks to the kids about teamwork and positive competition. We hope for our kids to get inspired and love the game of basketball.”



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