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The meaning of editor — and community

I was really proud of our local community for the outpouring of respect and reflection on the life of our long time Madera Tribune Editor, Chuck Doud.

I looked up the “official definition” of editor to find this: noun, a person having managerial and sometimes policy-making responsibility related to the writing, compilation, and revision of content for a publishing firm or for a newspaper.

My definition comes from the numerous responses from his beloved Madera Tribune family looks like this: Person: Chuck Doud, a “fearless leader,” a person of great integrity, personal warmth, a huge passion for community, a great listener, firm but compassionate, a person always “stirring the pot,” but always reveling in the journey of life with all mixed opinions.

During this very trying time in our history, when leaders are scrutinized right down to the grime under their big toe nail in the big shoes they have to fill, I find comfort that there are people like Chuck Doud in our community who will be examples of true leaders right up to the top of their bald heads. And doing so with every BEAT OF HIS HEART.

Although I did not really know him that personally, we have met on several occasions at various events around Madera. As most of you know, he was a staunch supporter of everything Madera. We had the pleasure of having Mr. Chuck serve as a Rib Cook-Off judge at the Madera Elks Lodge several years ago. He joined the ranks with the likes of Ernie LaCalsi and the late Judge Moffet. Watching him scrutinize and smack down on those tasty ribs with delight, with his responsibilities to judge fairly, was like watching a kid in a candy store. He enjoyed every minute and we are thankful for his contributions.

I have always wondered how a dog person could also be a convincing cat person with his witty commentary on “The Cat” in his yard. But that speaks to his true journalism heart, “look at all sides of the story.” I really enjoyed his writings. I am hoping with all the support from our community, that our faithful Madera Tribune readers will continue to support his beloved local paper, as well, all the Tribune Family still grieving from this loss of a leader that they could call “Pal or Dad.” I for one, will not succumb to the ”blue light blocking glasses” group to only read online. I want to continue to open up my Madera Tribune to that smell and the touch of nature’s wood pieces pressed into words of news and community happenings.

Supporting Madera, always,

— Kathy Row,



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