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Supervisor hosts ice cream social

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Madera County District 4 Supervisor Leticia Gonzalez, right, talks with community members during an ice cream social she hosted at the Parksdale Village park on Tuesday evening.


During her campaign, Madera County Supervisor for District 4 Leticia Gonzalez wanted to make sure everyone in her district is represented.

On Tuesday, she held her first public event since taking office last November — an ice cream social at Parksdale Village.

“It’s so important to reach out to everybody,” she said. “That’s a commitment I made to everybody. I’m going to them. Sometimes going into the government center or the board chambers can be intimidating. I just want to make it as easy and accessible to everyone. I went out there, met them and enticed them with ice cream, which worked.”

Gonzalez, who can be seen at almost every public event in Madera, was happy to be able to host an event, even though it was held in 100 degree heat.

“This was our first official event since COVID,” she said. “It was supposed to be indoors, but we did it at the park. We braved the heat a little bit. Ice cream helped. It was my first time visiting in an official capacity and I’ll definitely be returning. We have to create that dialog, we have to create that trust; we have to work together and I will go to them.”

She said this won’t be the only time she will visit Parksdale, and she also wants to visit other communities to hear their concerns.

“It was a great turnout,” she said.


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