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Slinging political mud

For The Madera Tribune

This cartoon ran during the 1884 presidential election, showing that political mudslinging is not a modern phenomenon. Grover Cleveland was running against James G. Blaine, but he had a problem, and the Blaine people took full advantage of it. Cleveland was the father of a child born out of wedlock. Blaine’s supporters ran around Washington yelling, “Ma, Ma, who’s my Pa.” For his part, Blaine said that he didn’t believe that voters would “knowingly elect to the Presidency a coarse debauchee who would bring his harlots with him to Washington.”


It’s hard not to notice the hostility that is swirling around us these days, especially if one watches television. Some of it actually scares me, like that lady in Congress who wants people to get physical with those on the opposite side of the political fence — or the guy who wants to body slam someone from CNN — or Joe Biden, who wants to go out behind the barn with his opponent. 

And what about right here in the Valley? I am finding out some really interesting stuff. I was amazed to learn that Rob Poythress is crooked — at least that’s what his opponent in the race for the State Senate said. I was also surprised to see that Congressman Jim Costa wears red high heeled shoes — that’s what his opponent charged as she touted his demise as a politician with the phrase, “Costa la vista, baby.”

T.J. Cox, Devin Nunes, no one was immune from the mud being thrown. If I read The Tribune, I even saw that there’s some hostility right here at home. Apparently some people were mad at Mayor Medellin. 


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