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Schools superintendent takes Oath of Office

For The Madera Tribune

Honorable Mitchell Rigby administers the Oath of Office to Cecilia Massetti as she begins her fourth term as Madera County Superintendent of Schools.


Madera County Superintendent of Schools Cecilia Massetti took her official Oath of Office earlier this month to begin her fourth term as the superintendent.

The Massetti family gathered at the Vineyard Restaurant with retired Judge, the Honorable Mitchell Rigby officiating and administering the Oath as he has for each of her previous terms.

As has been Massetti’s tradition, she took the Oath of Office standing before her father’s flag representing his service in World War II.

Superintendent Massetti’s team continues to expand services for students and families in the nine school districts and charters, with an outstanding staff and dedicated partners supporting the nearly 33,000 students in Madera County.


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