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Rotary and Interact serving across borders

For The Madera Tribune

Madera Sunrise Rotary Club members and Madera Interact members gather by the bus purchased by the Interact members to be donated for use in Mexico.


“Service above self” is the motto for Rotary Club International. The Rotarians in Madera certainly do live as their motto indicates. Hardly a week goes by in our community when we don’t hear about something the Rotary Club is doing. Their participation in community service, as well as service in other communities and countries seems to be constantly in the news.

Fortunately for Rotary, the individual clubs often work together to accomplish goals. Our local Rotary clubs support each other, as well as clubs working together from country to country. In addition to our seasoned Rotarians, the young people in Madera Interact, sponsored by Madera Sunrise Rotary, have been giving generously of their time and talents to make a difference in this world.

Rotary projects are not limited to certain tasks. Where there is a great need, the Rotarians are there, identifying ways to help. Whether the need is wheelchairs to underprivileged countries, or eradication of polio, the Rotarians have a reputation for finding ways to fulfill needs.


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